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About me

It is hard to describe oneself at a single page. Let's start with a photo and a small story about my past.

I grew up in a village in the South of Germany and as far as I can think back I was always the IT guy. People may thought that I was a magican as things started to work as soon as I touched them. But for me it was just technology that did what it should. I always chose subjects that were as technical as possible, did some IT internships during school and finally studied Applied Computer Science at DHBW Stuttgart - a dual study program with work episodes instead of semester breaks. During this time working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise I noticed that solving real issues with software feels very interesting to me. But as well as I wanted to write code, I wanted to have a say when it comes to what would be a good thing to do. That's how I ended up working as Software Developer & Consultant for codecentric. Which turned out to be an exact fit of my interests and skills.

I love self-organizing and doing the things that need to be done. I value good team work and coming up with ideas on how to work better together. I also enjoy working on my own and getting into the state of flow. I do not think that these statements are mutually exclusive. I really care about the people around me and want to create an environment where everyone feels save. In my experience this is the only way how some people can become a team.

When working with me you should expect a partner on the same level and not someone who blindly follows every instruction. While I deeply respect your position and experience, I may question your decisions and help to sharpen the solution until we both are convinced that it will move us forward. I want us to succeed as fast as possible and therefore we need to focus on the right things. I will include the end user of your product to find out what the right things are.

When I am not in front of my computer, you will probably find me running around. I love doing sports and so far tried the following: Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Capoeira, Kickboxing, Squash, Tabletennis, Fitness. You could also find me preparing or eating some delicious food. Or hear me make music. If all this is not the case I am probably sleeping. Then I can only recommend you to send me a message as I got a very deep sleep.

Find me on Twitter, Xing or Github.