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In my role as Software Developer & Consultant I worked in various projects and get insights all over the industry. This is a great chance to not only apply my knowledge, but also extend it every single day. Below you will find some information about the most interesting corporate projects I worked for, as well as some side projects.

Airport traffic control

Our first mission was to create a prototype for the workspace of airport traffic controllers. Something that before was scattered over various devices and teams, and took years of development for each iteration. At the start of this project we found the minimum set of required functionality, created and iterated over the prototype to work directly with the end user. That’s when we started to teach this knowledge to internal teams, created tooling to help with all the upcoming regulations and worked closely with the management to show the huge potential in this way of working. At the point of this writing there is still a long way to go to integrate all the existing systems, get the official release and ship it. But this project will also discover and flatten the first path from a very lengthy process to a fast and user-centric development.

Tech: Angular, TypeScript, Webpack, WebGL, Pixi JS, NodeJS, Java, Python, Websockets, Kafka, Gitlab CI, Gitlab Autodevops, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure Cloud, Jest, JUnit, Cypress, Visual Testing, Gherkin

Developer Portal

This project was done for a german car manufacturer. We created a developer portal, a place where you can buy and get access to digital products and APIs. It was part of their digital strategy while their business model evolved away from just selling cars. We organized ourselves as a scrum team and did not only ship the first version, but also continuously improved it and helped other departments to bring their products online. I joined the team with a strong focus on frontend development, but aimed to share and extend my knowledge from day one. During this time, I worked on several parts - from discussing and implementing designs to deploying and monitoring the portal.

Tech: Vue.js, Groovy, Ratpack, Node.js, GraphQl, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes, Docker, Drupal, Webpack, CSS, Jest, Nightwatch.js, Spock

My corporate projects are internal or developed under an NDA, so I can’t show you any results here. Nevertheless you can take a look at the links of my side projects. Since the beginning of my career I worked with local businesses and helped them to improve their online presence. While I spend most of my time with bigger projects, I still enjoy to work on small side projects when there is a good fit.

Demeterhof Schneider -

A organic farm, located in the village I grew up. They do not only sell vegetables and lot’s of other food in their shop or on the market, but also via a delivery service that drops a box just in front of your door. Their customers had lot’s of issues with the existing online shop and they wished for a new and professional design. Something that supports all the specific functionality while being easily usable for older generations or people that are not experienced with computers. We focused on the main user flow, shipped the first version and iterate over it with new user feedback regularly. This shop is used by hundreds of users on a weekly basis.

Tech: Ökobox Online, JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, Parcel, PostHTML, Sentry

Guitarpack -

One of my pure hobby projects. I created it to apply my learnings about bootstrapping a company, while sharing some insights on twitter. Everything started with this post on reddit. Guitarpack is a collection of tools I wished to have while improving my guitar playing and will be expanded when I find the time (or some other guitarist reminds me about it).

Tech: Gridsome, JavaScript, CSS, Youtube API, Web Audio API, Netlify

Bäckerei Ockenfuß -

The owner of this traditional bakery asked me to create a new website. We focused on the specialities of his family business, present their high quality goods, added background information and simplified the contact forms to their delivery service. Some basic SEO optimizations ensured that this website is easier to find on search engines.

Tech: Wordpress, CSS

Searching for a CV? Please let me know so I can send it to you. For now you will find some more numbers and details on Xing.