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Most of my work happens within teams, where we learn from eachother on a daily basis. Sometimes I find the time and motivation to share my learnings also with the outer world. This is when I create articles or give a talk at local meetups.

March 2022 - tech&talk Stuttgart

Workshop - Beyond GitLab Auto DevOps

A talk and hands-on part about working with GitLab Auto DevOps. It is based on my article in the Softwerker Magazine. At the end of this workshop, everyone should gather some experiences using their own GitLab Auto DevOps setup with Kubernetes.

January 2022 - Softwerker Magazine

Beyond GitLab Auto DevOps

Another article published in the german Softwerker magazine. I write about my experiences using GitLab Auto DevOps. Starting fast and ways of adapting these tools to your needs on the way.

December 2020 - my blog

Developing a custom cypress plugin for resilient visual tests

A practical example about how custom Cypress plugins can be developed. It introduces the concept of retry-ability which keeps tests more stable. Even when using screenshots.

August 2020 - Softwerker Magazine

UI Testing mit SpaƟfaktor

This article was published in a german magazine. The title is about having fun while testing user interfaces. It shows common pitfalls and explains my experience when it comes to writing good tests.

May 2020 - my blog

Testing a service for persisted GraphQL queries

This is an extension to my article about building a service for persisted GraphQL queries. It shows how the resulting service can be tested with jest.

May 2020 - codecentric blog

How to secure a GraphQL service using persisted queries

Using persisted queries can help you to improve the performance and security of your applications. Learn how you can use this approach with a GraphQL service.

Ristorante per Testare

A talk about writing ui tests that are resilient against changes, gain trust in your code and speed up your development process. But what does this have to do with working in a very special restaurant?